Into the summer – the new Moodle GPS course format

On time for the summer season Moodle users can now utilize location-based learning.

Das neu entwickelte "kamedia GPS Format Free" ermöglicht es, Lerninhalte abhängig von den GEO-Koordinaten des Lernenden anzuzeigen. The newly developed „kamedia GPS Format Free“ allows e-learning content to be displayed according to the geo coordinates of the learner. This enables location-based mobile learning or simple geocaching.

In events like a city rally, the learner walks between predefined locations using a smartphone or tablet PC. At these stations the learner gets certain information and tasks that are directly related to the location. All conceivable Moodle content like text, pictures, videos or tests can be used.

The trainer is able to integrate new content at his desktop PC, by simply creating a new Moodle course. The GPS format largely matches the popular topics format. Every topic section can contain different material or activities. In a second step specific topic sections can be assigned to the corresponding GPS coordinates where they should be visible. After the installation of the course format „kamedia GPS Format Free„, Moodle courses can be created in the new format and existing courses can be transferred into the new format with only one click.

Reasons for a kamedia GPS Format „Free“?

The ka:media interactive GmbH developed the GPS course format in a „Pro“ version for the commercial Moodle distribution Totara and its own rental system “ka:media Learning Space”. The focus lies on country-specific learning, mobile learning in large commercial spaces and the efficient training of rescue and delivery services.

Der Lehrende kann die Inhalte am heimischen PC erstellen.The team discovered already in the developing process, that „kamedia GPS Format Free“ will be a very helpful tool for a broad range of users, e.g. teachers or in tourism.
To support the meanwhile great development of Moodle in the area of mobile applications, ka:media decided to publish the GPS format in a simplified version, which is without any fee-based support by ka:media and can be installed by every Moodle administrator.

You will soon find the „GPS Format“ in the download section of auf

Demo Video
More about mobile learning (German content)

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