3D Learning and Teaching. On 5th of September will be VWBPE related extra tours.

Many things have improved in 3D based education the last months.
On 5th of September Jürgen Kappus will welcome you personally in a completely web browser based learning environment.

Language Village

You will be guided through ka:media’s Language Village and some other places. We will explain how actual technical development is useful for educators.

You are welcome, join us with a simple mouse click in your Chrome or Firefox Web Browser.

There will be two identical tours on 5th of September:
– 1st tour starts at 00:30 am (PDT/SLT) or 09:30 (CET) for all guests
– 2nd tour starts at 9:30 am (PDT/SLT) or 18:30 (CET) for all guests

Direct links for all guests will be available short before the tour here:


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